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Allan came to Lean Lads Lifestyle having felt the same frustration that we all have when trying to get in shape but with some coaching, motivation and guidance, he lost 20kg and gained confidence.

Allan Hughes

“Before I started all I remember was the day I looked in the mirror and was like ‘wow you’re disgusting’!

Can say I honestly hated the way I looked, just want comfortable in any clothes, would avoid buying new things, and going ‘taps aff’ in the summer… Forget about it, hadn’t done that in a couple of years.

With everything, with training, with diet I just felt as if it was a never ending circle of disappointment, got to one day I knew I needed to actually do something and stop messing around and pretending to work hard.

So booked a photoshoot, paid through the nose for it, set date, set time, made myself accountable.

Because that’s what had stopped me getting there in the past, like it didn’t matter if I did or didn’t, this time there was more than money on the line, I had to stand getting photos taken with no top on in a busy gym.

I made myself need to do it.

Made it even more accountable by booking it to be done in London.

But over the time I trained, managed to get into good condition, dropped just under 20kg of scale weight.
I went from imagining what my abs looked like to being able to feel them and see them.

I went from having a soggy body to being rock solid and ripped.

So the results were unbelievable!

At the start I couldn’t have imagined what I would look like but after chipping away day by day it kinda just happens and it felt awesome.”

Joe had tried going to the gym but was getting no where, with Grant and Ross’s help, he help lose 3% fat and gain lots of confidence.

Joe Nespoli

I am a 25 year old American who was doing a six month work assignment in Glasgow. My goal was to get leaner. For the past couple years, I had been working out a lot. I had even gone to multiple nutritionists and gyms in Philly, but never managed to get the results i wanted. A lot of the trainers and nutritionists would contradict each other. I felt like I was working hard, but getting no where.

I was frustrated. I wanted to be able to take my shirt off and for once not be ashamed of what was underneath.

Grant and Ross very quickly understood and corrected everything I thought I knew about working out and nutrition. I was very skeptical at first, but here I am six months later sitting at the leanest I have ever been in my life. Over six months, I cut 3% body fat… while reaching personal bests in all the major lifts.

I now leave Scotland confident that I can work out with proper technique, sound knowledge of nutrition…and I even got a tattoo on my chest the week before i left. In a spot that I would never want people to see before.

I also gained an incredible friend. Coming here, I knew no one. Grant genuinely cares about each of his clients. No question you have will go unanswered. He goes above and beyond for his clients. I looked forward to each and every workout. He even came over my flat and taught me how to prep his famous Chicken Curry and Turkey Chili. Grant does client nights out every couple months and I have become close with almost everyone he trains. It is like a small family.

Grant and Ross will give you every single piece of knowledge you need to live a healthier life and get the results you want. It is then on you to crush it and decide what kind of body you want. Best thing about it is you can do all this while eating man food and not cutting out things you really like to eat.

Thank you Grant and Ross.

Grant felt like he had hit a brick wall with training and felt frustrated that he couldn’t seem make progress by himself. Lean Lads Lifestyle helped him to achieve his goals.

Grant Mathieson

“Before I started the LLL I felt like I had hit a brick wall. I felt frustrated that I couldn’t work out for myself how to get it right.

I’ve never failed at anything but I was coming up short there’s no getting away from it. I’ve never been a shy or lacking in confidence but I knew I wasn’t happy with how I looked.

I knew that “this mate” would pull before I did and that I would feel inferior to “that mate” when I was on holiday or that why would anyone go for me when “he” is over there looking like a Greek God.


I knew that if I continued to consume the conflicting information online, in magazines, from my mates and the idiots at the gym that know EVERYTHING then I wasn’t going to get where I wanted to go. I needed someone that knew what they were talking about and that was willing to invest in me as much as I was going to invest in them…


I had been trying to get the dream body for the majority of my 20’s (i’m 27 now). Started off with classes like spin, pody pump, FT fit, bootcamp and from there steadily morphed in to a blind gym bunny – even managed to find myself the shittest PT of all time!

I also did the Insanity workout religiously with Seany T! I’ve done atkins, no carbs, food grouping, even managed to starve myself for 14 whole days on the Master Clense. Everything I started I completed but nothing really gave the results that were promised.

It didn’t take long to start noticing the difference. Initially you see results quick with the inches falling off and your body actually starts to resemble what it’s supposed to look like under all that insulation.

Had oodles more energy and despite not lacking in confidence originally, managed to get myself an even bigger head than before.

I was never interested in knowing how much I weighed and how much I should loose, I wanted to look in the mirror and feel happy and weight had nothing to do with that (in my mind anyway). Initially we took body measurements to track the fat loss in inches for some inspiration and motivation but after about 12 weeks I even stopped that. None of my clothes fitted me any longer so it became unimportant to reinforce what I knew already. Now I am happy with my body fat I have started to go the other way…trying to get bigger!

If you are committed and actually have your head in the game then if I were you i’d be asking myself why I hadn’t already applied to take part in the program. These guys aren’t just PT’s, they are investors in your physical and mental well-being – they get involved, keep you motivated and most importantly actually care!”

Dougie, 36, had used personal trainers before but struggled to get the results he wanted, a friend recommended Lean Lads Lifestyle and has lost 10kg in 7 months.

Dougie Bryce

I initially found out about LLL after being recommended highly by a close friend who had achieved amazing results over a short space of time. I was personally stuck in a rut with my own fitness. I was a regular gym goer and lived a healthy(ish) lifestyle but was going nowhere results wise. I had used a personal trainer previously but didn’t achieve my targets and think the experience had made me apprehensive about using a PT again but still decided to get in touch.

I arranged to meet up with Ross and after an informal but very informative chat decided to give it another go. I explained my situation and what I wanted to achieve and Ross agreed take on the challenge. We called it the ‘last throw of the dice’ as I felt if this doesn’t work then I’m chucking it and it just wasn’t meant to be etc.

Ross produced a workout plan and simple diet requirements to stick to and to track all my foods via my fitness plan. That was all, nothing unrealistic or unachievable.

Fast forward 7 months: lost over 10kg in weight, clear signs of change in my progress pictures and real improvement in my strength training also.

The training sessions are really enjoyable and everything is constantly kept ‘fresh’.

I would definitely highly recommend Ross to anybody seeking to achieve results and glad I made the decision myself.

Allan, 56, in 2 years has gone from never lifted a dumbbell, to bench pressing 90 kgs, deadlifting 120kgs, doing handstand press ups and weighted chin ups

Allan Murphy

As a professional CEO it is important to have a work life balance and as a man who has always taken pride in my appearance, middle age brought its burden of additional weight and reduced fitness.

As a young man I was always fit and full of energy.  On my day of reckoning I was standing on the scales and my youngest son said “oh my god dad, what’s happened”.   This was the spark that ignited my journey to fitness.

I had never been to a gym let alone work with a personal trainer. Gyms, personal trainers I had convinced myself – were not for me. “I can do this on my own” I thought…wrong!

I initially started training with Ross for a 3 month period and over a year later I’m still attending his sessions and learning something new every week.

Training on my own I occasionally struggled with back pain, but Ross has shown the need for core training and stretching to minimise injury and I’m doing more press-ups and pull ups than I could in my 20’s.

I’ve lost over 2 stone in weight, my waist size had reduced from 36 inches to 30 and I’m fit toned and self-confident

My increased fitness, stamina and self-assurance has contributed significantly to my career progression and given me the drive for further success in the future.

Ross is a really decent guy, totally committed to health and fitness and has first class motivational techniques.

I always end my training session with Ross with the same positive quote “If I had any energy left you would be dead”.

Michael, 44, had tried other fitness programs but never got the desired results. He dropped from 22% body fat to 10% in 6 months with Lean Lads.

Michael McConway

Before I started training with LLL I had just completed the 10 week FOCUS T 25 course (similar to insanity) to lose a bit of weight as I was unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. After losing 20 pounds I found myself stuck at what to do next to keep progressing.

I contacted Ross and Grant for a general chat about what I had done previously and what my future goals were. Ross then explained what he could do to help me achieve my goals and planned a new exercise programme and also a nutrition plan.

After 12 weeks and a lot of hard but very enjoyable sessions I had reached my weight goal and was feeling great – my body fat had gone down from 23% to 16%. The next step was then to build my muscle mass.

Again Ross planned a new training and nutrition programme to build muscle. I now have the physique I was looking for – my body fat is 10% and I am 100% satisfied with my results. This change in my physique has not only helped me in my general health but has given me more confidence in achieving goals in day to day life.

My wife, son and daughter now also train with LLL and the changes in them have been incredible – not only in their bodies and fitness, but also in their energy levels and their confidence.

If you are looking for a personal trainer who will not only get you in shape but will guide you to a full lifestyle change, I would definitely contact Lean Lads Lifestyle.

Stephen, was a bit stuck in his journey to a confident body and with the help of Lean Lads Lifestyle, he went from 23% body fat to 10%.

Stephen Cogan

I was apprehensive about going for 1-1 personal training as it was new to me, I’ve done a few fitness classes (insanity both class and at home, Spin) and enjoyed them, thinking I’d pushed myself during these.

I decided I wanted to take my training up a notch and take things to the next level.

Anyways, this was enough for me to have a long hard think and realise that it had been years since I was last properly outside my comfort zone, so I turned to Lean Lads Lifestyle

I’d known Grant for years, since before his personal training days but had never the courage to seek his knowledge and expertise.

My Fiancée Tracy had been attended a group training run by the lads with great results in all aspects…so that was it for me I decided to face my fears and asked Grant for a consult, I went with an open mind and a 6 weeks time frame (Florida Holiday).

The consult was relaxed and Grant was full of information and advice. I was educated in how to eat more volume/variety, whilst changing certain aspects of my diet in order to hit certain targets/goals, I was to learn how to eat clever based on macronutrients, again something I had played at before…but that was it, questions asked and answered and I was set to commence my 6 week journey.

I had tried on and off for maybe a year and a half, getting things wrong as I went…I’d tried training to gain size, insanity to cut weight and tone and get some cardio in as well as spin to work legs and cardio.

My training wasn’t the only area I wasn’t getting right, my diet, despite me thinking that I had it spot on (misunderstanding carb cycling) and believing that I could consume over 3000 kcals on a day-to-day basis and build lean muscle, seen me gain weight, but not in the way I wanted.

Eating that much was an effort and was pretty unenjoyable. Grant shed some more light on the subject of nutrition in an easy to understand seminar held my himself and Ross  and between that and the prompt replies to questions.

I came to the conclusion, and one that has probably been cited many times before, but can now speak from experience, you can’t out train a poor diet !!!

That’s the thing, to look at my diet all the right things were there, but just too much of them, not one thing as one thing in itself won’t make you gain weight, but it needed a tweak, and Grant was on the money from the start.

He gave me advice on my weekly check ups that I had to send, something which I found great and that I had never heard of anyone doing before.

The time that was invested in me felt like I had a 1-1 session 4-5 days a week, whether it was nutrition questions or ones about exercises, form or anything else training related, Grant was always to hand to guide me in the right direction.

After the first week I started to feel different, I was getting the hang of my diet, and training seemed to be going well. I was coached on technique  at every session and was honestly surprised at how simple tweaks could improve things so much.

After 2 weeks I started to see slight changes in my body…by week 4 the change was clear to see, I was starting to look leaner with no loss in strength.

I in fact was still getting stronger with every session that passed.

Throughout the 6 weeks I had form tweaked and re-tweaked or refocused on what was taught the last time…guided on food consumption and given feedback on how I was progressing.

I’ve now cut down the time spent in the Gym, as there is now direction and focus to my workouts, a great feeling when each week you have something more to show for your efforts, more weight or more reps.

In total I lost 5 1/2 inches, 10lbs in weight my body shape was completely changed…clothes looked better, I felt better, my confidence in how I looked was greater, but better than that was how I felt training.

I loved training again…it felt good, even on the odd day where it wasn’t a good day, it felt good.

I can’t explain it other than it was the best 6 weeks I have ever given to training and a time which will stand me in stead for years to come, I committed to everything that was asked of me and I got the results I was looking for.

Anyone who wants to change, and who isn’t afraid of a challenge then this is for you.

You’ve got to want to do it as no one can do the work for you.

I’ve been a sceptic before but I am living proof that you can do good things in a relatively short time whilst still having a life and eating things you enjoy.

Honestly, can’t speak highly enough of Grant or Lean Lads Lifestyle, as stated previously the level of time put in out with the 1-1 training sessions impressed me, if I had questions, they were answered, if I was unsure, things were explained.

I was pushed at every session and encouraged when training on my own, even until my last session.

Niall, 27, lost 15kgs in 6 months with the help of Lean Lads Lifestyle. Now, he enjoys meals and training again.

Niall McLellan

I had been going to the gym on my own and had previously used other Glasgow personal trainer‘s but they were seeking unrealistic targets from myself food wise; they told me to eat this, eat that, you need to weight this and prepare 6 meals a day and please don’t enjoy your food. Eh no thanks! ; I found it too hard and unrealistic and boring to stick to.

You hear the big boys in the gym saying this and then the next guy saying that where as you have the magazines contradicting them selves on each page. It was a minefield, I needed somebody to cut out the crap, Tell me exactly what I needed to do in the simplest form possible. Step up Ross! He understands we are hard working guys that need to be shown the correct direction. Ross caters to the clients needs and goals and works to you. He tells it straight and makes everything simple.

I never knew losing fat was so bloody EASY!!!!!! Yes EASY!!!!!! and I get to eat what I enjoy. I am a lot slimmer so I have had to buy new clothes constantly, although I am actually happy about having no money. My confidence with the birds is through the roof. I have never had so much female attention. If you are true to yourself and you have the will power, listen to Ross and dedicate yourself to him, you will get that in return.