Allan Hughes

Client Testimonial

“So the results were unbelievable”

Allan came to Lean Lads Lifestyle having felt the same frustration that we all have when trying to get in shape but with some coaching, motivation and guidance, he lost 20kg and gained confidence.

Before I started all I remember was the day I looked in the mirror and was like ‘wow you’re disgusting’!


Can say I honestly hated the way I looked, just want comfortable in any clothes, would avoid buying new things, and going ‘taps aff’ in the summer… Forget about it, hadn’t done that in a couple of years.


With everything, with training, with diet I just felt as if it was a never ending circle of disappointment, got to one day I knew I needed to actually do something and stop messing around and pretending to work hard.


So booked a photoshoot, paid through the nose for it, set date, set time, made myself accountable.
Because that’s what had stopped me getting there in the past, like it didn’t matter if I did or didn’t, this time there was more than money on the line, I had to stand getting photos taken with no top on in a busy gym.


I made myself need to do it.


Made it even more accountable by booking it to be done in London.


But over the time I trained, managed to get into good condition, dropped just under 20kg of scale weight
I went from imagining what my abs looked like to being able to feel them and see them.


I went from having a soggy body to being rock solid and ripped.


So the results were unbelievable!


At the start I couldn’t have imagined what I would look like but after chipping away day by day it kinda just happens and it felt awesome.