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We get it mate. You’ve let yourself go… you can’t get away with the stuff you used to in your early 20’s. Too many big nights out and takeaways have taken their toll on your body… you look and feel much older than you should.


You want to lose the belly, feel better and stop “fucking it”…but there are so many things getting in the way. Boozing at the weekends…  long hours trying to progress at work… trying to juggle commitments with friends and family… not knowing what to do in the gym…


It’s not your fault…


See we’ve been in that exact same place ourselves, just a few years back.Trying so hard to progress that you forget about yourself


You think you’re lazy and lack motivation…we did too. The real problem ; you’ve lost focus on what’s important. Our 8 week Leaner programme has helped hundreds of guys lose the belly and take control of how they look and feel.


On average guys doing the programme lose 6-10kg in 8 weeks. Most of them have little to no gym experience when they start out.

What is the Leaner program?


Commercial gyms aren’t set up to help lads get in shape. They can be awkward, intimidating and don’t provide any support or guidance. Training at our gym is the complete opposite of that; We teach you how to train effectively and push you to become fitter and stronger whilst having a laugh at the same time.


Most approaches to diets involve restriction and only eating bland, boring foods. We’ve found this can be really hard to for lads to stick to. We focus on one of the most overlooked parts of nutrition; enjoyment. We show lads how they can eat healthy, nutritious meals they love whilst still getting lean.


Many lads struggle to maintain leading a healthier lifestyle because they don’t have the support of others round around them. Our Lean Lads Facebook group is filled with lads who are on the same journey as you and along with our mindset coaching, you’ll never feel so motivated and mentally (and physically) strong.


Personal Trainers Glasgow

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